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The engine and driveline in your vehicle is a complex series of parts that all work together to drive, steer and stop your vehicle.

The warning signs of a mechanical fault are not always so obvious. With a vehicle not running in perfect condition, you could be leaving fuel economy, performance and safety on the table. We strongly suggest that mechanical repairs are performed by a specialist. And it goes without saying that Midas has specialist, experienced and fully-qualified mechanics and technicians available to look after you and your vehicle.

Whether you’re after a simple service or mechanical repairs and you want the job done right, be sure to come to Midas Narre Warren. Our experienced and qualified mechanics are able to perform work on all vehicle makes and models and Midas Narre Warren have the skills and equipment to quickly diagnose issues with all vehicles and carry out professional repairs using quality parts.

Midas Narre Warren is a licenced car repair centre and provides a full range of car maintenance services. If it’s time for a scheduled vehicle service to keep your logbook and manufacturer’s warranty up to date or you need urgent mechanical repairs, contact Midas Narre Warren today to book your vehicle in.