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The battery and electrical system are the heart of your car. Beyond starting the engine, the battery also provides power to essential features, such as lights, wipers, windows, and other accessories, that make driving comfortable and safe.

If you can’t start your car, the issue could lie with your battery, starter, or charging system. It’s important to make sure these components are maintained in good condition to ensure vehicle reliability.

If your battery is corroded or damaged, call Midas Narre Warren today on (03) 8738 4741 to diagnose the problem and make any necessary bookings.

Don’t get caught out with a flat battery when you go to start your vehicle.

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Today’s vehicles require much more from the battery, which not only powers the starting system but also plays a critical role in running various onboard systems and accessories. As a result, today's batteries need to meet higher demands and perform more efficiently than ever before.

A battery's lifespan typically ranges from 3 to 8 years, depending on several factors, such as how you use your car and how hard your battery is working. For example, many vehicles now use Stop/Start technology to maximise engine fuel efficiency, increasing demand for battery performance.

Diesel vehicles, which typically need more energy to start, are generally equipped with large batteries to be able to handle significant demands.

When do you Need a New Battery?

Performing an inspection and check of your vehicle's electrical systems is the only way to determine if a failed battery is the root cause of an issue with your vehicle or if it is just a symptom of another issue.

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it might be time to replace your vehicle’s battery:

  • The battery warning light on your dashboard is on
  • Slow cranking or difficulties starting your car
  • While driving you can hear or smell a slipping belt under your bonnet

Book your next Battery Test

A Midas free check here at Midas Narre Warren will test your car battery’s health and the charge rate of the electrical system charging your battery.

Our technicians can quickly confirm if a starting problem is caused by a battery or another component in your vehicle’s electrical system. Call us on (03) 8738 4741 or visit our tyre shop located at Unit 2/1 Len Thomas Pl, Narre Warren.

We use licensed environmental partners to ensure used batteries are recycled and hazardous materials are correctly disposed of.

All Midas batteries come with our National Guarantee for peace of mind.

Midas Narre Warren carries the following brands of batteries to suit your car, bike or 4WD: